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30 sachets per box
Product Price: Php 350
Shipping Fee: Php 160

GANOCAFÉ Classic is an instant black coffee blended from quality coffee enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum extract. Rich in aroma and classic in taste, GANOCAFÉ Classic is your satisfying cup of coffee.


INSTANT BLACK COFFEE. Suitable for diabetic patients, contains no sugar.

POLYSACCHARIDE: Strengthens immune system. Balances sugar level in the blood system. Controls destruction of cells. Eliminates toxins.

ORGANIC GERMANIUM: Increases oxygen level in the blood stream. Reduces fatigue. Strengthens the immune system. Increases body's metabolism.

VITAMINS: Plays an essential role in the physiological process and body's metabolism.

MINERAL: Helps maintain good health. Plays an important role in the physiological process and reconstruction of body tissues.

PROTEIN: Builds new cells and restores damaged tissues needed in the production of enzyme, antibodies, hemoglobin and hormones.

TRITERPENES: Lower blood cholesterol, anti-oxidant, normalizes hormones, anti-hypertensive.

ADENOSINE: Strengthen the nerves and brain functions, improves blood flow and circulation.

GanoCafe Classic is the 'purest' among Gano coffee selection with only coffee and Ganoderma. A rich blend of nutrition and pleasant aroma come together with a taste you will fall in love with - a genuine black coffee made from their famous Brazilian coffee beans and Ganoderma extract. GanoCafe perks you up in the short term but also helps carry you through the most challenging day. What has come out of it is a brew that is best of both worlds of rich flavor and boundless nutritional benefit, whose qualities have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. You can even flavor GanoCafe Classic coffee to your own personal taste.

Here's what Gano coffee drinkers has to say...

Buy a box of Gano Cafe Classic Black Coffee for only Php 350!

Join the wellness craze! What are you waiting for, order your classic black coffee today!

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