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The Red Mushroom

Can death be delayed or aging reverse? 
This same question has driven mankind in filthy anal of history.
Our most ancient texts describe food that engenders the knowledge of good and evil. 
A tree of life that delivers immortality and even an age quenching fountain of youth.
The search for life altering sustenance has driven explorers to come the face of the earth 
Determined to learn whether mighty mortals are the fabric of myth or the substance of reality
Such explorations more on the discovery of new worlds and destruction of old civilizations.

For over 4000 years, only one highest mushroom has surfaced as the most fascinating and highly documented food ever encountered. Burgundy red in color, with bright shiny skin, Ganoderma Lucidum, with more than 200 documented phytonutrients is the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature. Rich in organic germanium, triterpenoids, ganoderins, antioxidants, amino acids and more. No other vegetation begins to compare. 

Extremely rare in nature, ganoderma grows in only two out of ten thousand aged wild plum trees found in the dense and humid high mountain forests of Asia. These ancient rainforests are considered the oldest uncompromised growth on the planet and are the birthplace of numerous phytochemicals used by pharmaceutical industry in the production of scores of medications.

Under penalty of death, ganoderma was once available only to the wealthy and ruling classes who first discovered its almost miraculous benefits. Crowned by Chinese emperors as "king of the herbs", this remarkable mushroom became their  imperial chi or life force which they belived would make their dynasties eternal. Ganoderma's eminence is documented in thousands of ancient Chinese paintings where its presence symbolizes long life. Immortalized in the earliest Chinese medical text Sheng Nong as the world's most superior herb, ganoderma is revered like no other source of nutrition.

Using modern technology to unmark ancient wisdom, 6 potent varieties of red ganoderma have been found to exhibit extraordinary nutrient saturation. These amazing specimens are exclusively cultivated in the controlled organic environment in the pristine rainforest of Malaysia where you'll also find wise looking orangutans, flowers as big as tables, deer as small as puppies and butterflies the size of birds. Recently, ganoderma research has escalated. Blessed with over 100 antioxidants that rejuvenate the body on a cellular level, volumes of studies documents these amazing restorative properties.

A Fox News affiliate recently identified ganoderma enriched coffee as "your best resource for wellness in a cup."
The Discovery Channel reports that people with uncompromised immune system, ganoderma increases immune boosting T cells. 
The Los Angeles Times reports ganoderma adds by increasing a number of so called natural killer cells, one of several types of cells in the body's immune system.  
New Week's reaction "Holy shitake", that in short in scientific terms is the reaction of researchers hunting for potential new medicines in mushrooms.
USA Today highlights the benefits of ganoderma and proclaims "plant foods turn superhero to fight disease."

Even the prestigious National Institue of Health in the national library of medicine have logged several studies in their website, documenting the biological activities and pharmacological functions of ganoderma lucidum
The list goes on and on. In combination multiple sources states that among others, ganoderma therapeutic attributes are immune enhancer, oxygen enricher, free radical scavenger, analgesic promoting, heavy metal detoxifying, fatigue reducing and performance improving.

Gano Excel, a name derived from a mature ganoderma and its younger mycellium sibling branded as excellium counters the sense of far away places with a mysteries of health invites you lush world of discovery.
It is also the name of the company dedicated to delivering ganoderma to the world via standardize and improprietory extract using one of the most fascinating mediums ever. With one common vision and brilliant determination Gano Excel combine with rich coffee beans to create the world's first ganoderma coffeeUsing the world's favorite comfort food to deliver the benefits of ganoderma, positions our coffee as the next evolution in today's health revolution. Naturally grown in a pesticide free environment, our coffee beans are world famous for their smooth rich body. Roasted to perfection and processed with ganoderma, Gano Excel uses a proprietary spray drying method that preserves the fresh roasted flavor, discriminating consumers demand without the chemicals used in freeze drying processing. Our delicious coffee is unlike anything else available, all because of ganoderma.

Of course you are probably quite familiar with a blanket of aromas that awaken the familiar warmth of friends and family, everyone associates with coffee. Even more, nearly everyone drinks coffee, knows someone who drinks coffee and probably has coffee sitting on the shelf in kitchen right now. However, did you know, after petroleum, coffee is the second most consumed and traded commodity in the world. There are as twice as many coffee drinkers as soda and tea drinkers combined. Over 1.4 billion cups of coffee are served daily. Coffee is second only to water as most consumed beverage on earth. Rather than changing habits, Gano Excel has transformed the number one habit worldwide to deliver the life changing benefits of ganoderma and you are all the better for it.