Welcome to Shop Ganoderma, an online shop that provides affordable and healthy shopping experience! Here, we offer a wide range of health products from nutraceuticals to health beverages to personal care products all containing this one healthy ingredient, Ganoderma Lucidum! Ganoderma Lucidum is a precious nutrient used over 4,000 years ago by ancient emperors of China who crowned it “The Miraculous King of Herbs”. We invite you to explore the richness of living a blissful healthy life!

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Introducing the New Start-Up Package

This June 2012, Gano iTouch introduces SU 15 or Start Up 15 for new and existing distributors. It's the newest start up package (say goodbye to SL promos) to fast track your way to a faster rank promotion and a bigger income opportunity by sharing the fast-selling world class products of Gano iTouch. Enjoy 15% jumpstart percentage with 20,000PV and earn 15% from the 8,845PV actual bonus value. Plus you get FREE 1 pair of Ganoderma-Excellium 30s! All these benefits by simply purchasing the SU15 package:


5 Ganoderma 30s
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3 Excellium 90s
10 Pioir 3-in-1 Coffee
8 Tongkat Ali
1 Mocha
1 Bellagene
1 Facial Soap
1 Gano Fresh
1 Tea
1 Classic Coffee

The package worth totals to Php15,895 with 8,845PV

This promo is effective June - July - August 2012 sales. Hurry! Limited offer only.

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