Welcome to Shop Ganoderma, an online shop that provides affordable and healthy shopping experience! Here, we offer a wide range of health products from nutraceuticals to health beverages to personal care products all containing this one healthy ingredient, Ganoderma Lucidum! Ganoderma Lucidum is a precious nutrient used over 4,000 years ago by ancient emperors of China who crowned it “The Miraculous King of Herbs”. We invite you to explore the richness of living a blissful healthy life!

for fast online delivery, you can call or send an sms to Sarah at 09493694593 / 09065208111
for further inquiries, email us at shopganoderma@yahoo.com

Visit Us! at Gano iTouch Stockist Center
Xiara Building (in front of Koronadal Provincial Hospital)
Koronadal City, South Cotabato, Philippines
look for Ms. Luz Suedad

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Shopganoderma invites you to be a part of Gano iTouch family in the Philippines.

Shopganoderma is a Philippine-base online store that sells and ships ganoderma based products in the country manufactured from the biggest organic ganoderma plantation in the world, the Gano Excel in Malaysia.


If you wish to become a member to enjoy discounts and promos, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Email us the following details

a. REV UP package of your choice

Rev Up 1: Php 1,375 (plus Php 150 shipping fee)
You get distributor kit, Ganoderma and Excellium 30s and Pioir Gano Coffee

Rev Up 2: Php 595 (plus Php 150 shipping fee)
You get distributor kit and Pioir Gano Coffee

Rev Up 3: Php 3000 (plus Php150 shipping fee)
You get distributor kit, Ganoderma and Excellium 90s, Pioir Gano Coffee, Pioir Choco and Tongkat Ali Coffee

b. Your full name, birthdate, gender, spouse name (if married), mother's maiden name, current address, cellphone number, beneficiary's name, relationship to beneficiary, birthdate.

We will fill up the Distributor Application Form with the details you provided above.

c. Preferred payment option (G-cash, BDO Deposit or Paypal)

d. Your Shipping details - Full name, contact no. and complete shipping address

STEP 2: Wait a reply email from us containing the payment details.

STEP 3: Pay the total amount and inform us immediately if payment has been made.

STEP 4: The package will be shipped 2-3 days upon confirmation of your payment along with your personal copy of the Distributor Application Form. Air21 is our courier of choice and we'll email you the corresponding tracking number of your package.

STEP 5: Once package is received, you're officially a member of the Gano iTouch family. Please secure your member code for future transactions.

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You can also visit Shopganoderma partners (sub-stockist and stockist) in Alabang Muntinlupa, Koronadal South Cotabato and Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat. For faster tranasactions, you may send an sms at 09065208111, look for Sarah.